We make internal regulations in accordance with the current legal regulations, which is an integral part of the business of each company. Every business organization, regardless of its legal form and activity, must organize its business and adopt a number of internal rules, decisions, decisions and contracts

The development of internal regulations implies:

  • Accounting and accounting policies
  • Rule book of work
  • Rule book of the systematization of work places
  • Rule book on handling cash
  • Rule book on performing the inventory
  • Decision on working time of the company
  • Decision on working hours of employees
  • Decision on the acquisition of fixed assets
  • The decision on the prohibition of smoking and the person responsible for the implementation of this prohibition
  • Document concerning on vacation
  • Decision on paid / unpaid leave
  • Work contract
  • Contract for lease of business office
  • Contract for supplementary work
  • Contract on occasional and temporary work
  • Service contract
  • Copyright contract