We offer our clients a complete service of calculation and compensation of salaries:

  • earnings for employees and founders
  • labor contracts, temporary and occasional jobs, contracts about work, copyright contracts and more
  • other salary benefits (sick leave, maternity leave, and other)
  • all other employee benefits (recourse, warm meal, travel expenses
  • In addition to the calculation and records of earnings of employees, we also perform personnel tasks for the client:
  • labor contracts, contracts on temporary and occasional affairs, contracts for supplementary work, service contracts, author contracts
  • electronic filing and unsubscribes of employees, responsible persons and founders in PIO and the Health Fund
  • Documents concerning annual breaks, employment certificates and salary
  • Entry of entrepreneurs receipts into the analytical records of the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund
  • enrollment of employees in the analytical records of the PIO Fund

We keep an electronic dossier for each employee, records all accounts and payments, as well as the compilation of M-4 and PPP forms.