What we do


Establishment of the commercial society and entrepreneurs


Advice on the selection of an adequate legal form


Preparation of the necessary documentation, filing an application to APR


Making seals and opening a bank account in a bank.

No matter what type of activity you are dealing with, whether you have a developed business or you are a beginner in your business, be sure that with the engagement of our accounting agency you get the highest quality service

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

We offer our clients in addition to standard bookkeeping services (bookkeeping financially) and a range of additional services tailored to the needs of each individual client. We follow the regulations every day, we are familiar with all current laws allowing you to constantly improve and expand your business.

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Account of Earnings and Records of Persons

We offer our clients a complete service of calculation and compensation of salaries, earnings for employees and founders, labor contracts, temporary and occasional jobs, contracts about work, copyright contracts and more

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Payment Trafficking and E-Banking

We provide our customers with non-cash payment services, we save your time and allow you to fully devote to the area in which you are the best.

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Tax Administration

Tax authorities are interested in proper accounting, regular submission of tax returns and regular payment of related obligations arising from your business.

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Financial, Tax and Other Types of Consulting Services

We are subscribed to professional journals so that they receive timely notification of all changes and amendments to laws and regulations in the fields of accounting, accounting, taxation and commercial law.

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Prepare, Creating and Submission of the Financial Statements

In accordance with the Law on Accounting, companies and entrepreneurs are obliged to publish their accounting reports – the knowledge and expertise are required. We are here to advise you and compile and file a set of mandatory financial statements.

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Making an Internal Regulatory

We make internal regulations in accordance with the current legal regulations, which is an integral part of the business of each company. Every business organization, regardless of its legal form and activity, must organize its business and adopt a number of internal rules, decisions, decisions and contracts

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